The foundation and talent behind Anyone Pray, powered by Crossroads

Kevin has been in ministry leadership for over 25 years. He is an intentional team builder, motivated to inspire generations of diverse people. From 2008 to 2020, he was lead pastor of Glad Tidings Church in Burlington, ON. The church experienced significant growth during that period, expanding to four Sunday services at two sites, prioritizing community engagement and leadership development.

Kevin has been part of the Western Ontario District Executive of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) for nine years and presently serves as the Assistant Superintendent. Additionally, he serves the national fellowship of the PAOC on the General Executive, lends strategic support to the Multiply Network, and served on the Board of Governors for Master’s College & Seminary for six years.

Kevin Shepherd


Joel loves to create media that has both social and spiritual impact. He is the author of numerous patents, most recently in the blockchain space. A creative and innovative serial entrepreneur, when others zig, Joel likes to zag. Before joining Crossroads, Joel founded FAN.SI, a company focused on solving one of the biggest problems in the music industry: regular income for artists.

A co-founder and CEO of HitGrab, RealmSmith, and Mythroll Armory, he has years of experience conceiving and developing new businesses. If that were not enough, Joel is also a talented artist and singer-songwriter who has appeared on Crossroads, YES TV, and other media platforms.

Joel Augé


Michelle has more than 20 years of leadership experience across multiple B2B marketing communications, business planning, and strategic development industries. Michelle has held numerous leadership positions, including CEO of Canada's largest nonprofit credit counselling association.

Past roles include President & CEO of a charitable organization helping to eliminate poverty through long-term transitional housing, skills development, and financial literacy education. Also, Vice President of Development for Focus on Family Canada, a family-friendly Christian Charity focused on adult and youth education. Michelle has been an advisor to multiple committees and panels, including the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada’s Consumer Protection Action Committee and Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy’s Consumer Practice Liaison Committees.

Michelle Pommells


Henry is a seasoned professional with a wealth of business and technology experience. He's successfully started multiple companies for investors with a focus on residual income. With more than thirty years of experience in several major industries (including Financial Services, Utilities, Public Sector, Telecommunication and Broadcasting, Oil and Gas, and Renewable Energy), Henry applies his global expertise to help businesses of all sizes solve problems by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including experience working and amalgamating call centres, and augmented reality (AR) solutions.

Henry Stevens


David is a software engineer with over 4 years of experience in developing web and mobile applications. His current role as the Lead JavaScript Developer at Crossroads ensures that all of our customers are able to enjoy an exceptional experience on our platform. He has a passion for developing effective user interfaces, and enjoys working with the team to help them bring AnyonePray to life.

As our expert coder, David spends most of his time in the digital spec of Anyone Pray, working with the front-end and back-end development of the product. A football and basketball enthusiast, David's interests also include film making.

David Ezeakudolu


Quisa Mariel is a creative designer and researcher who provides excellent conceptual ideas for new products and systems. Quisa Mariel has extensive experience in product design, interface design, graphic design and prototyping. She focuses on creating interfaces that make using technology easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

As the Lead UX/UI Designer at Crossroads, Quisa Mariel helps establish the user interface design vision, refining the user experience and influence the overall look and feel of Anyone Pray. Outside of work, Quisa Mariel continues to sustain her creativity. She loves singing, playing her ukulele, making digital art and also enjoys drinking bubble tea.

Quisa Mariel Diamante


An author, blogger, speaker, online minister and article writer with a business and sales background, Sherry is very familiar with Crossroads, having made several guest appearances on our 100 Huntley Street and See Hear Love on-air programs. She's also a perennial guest on Joy 1250 radio on the weekends.

You'll often find Sherry amusing audiences at conferences, retreats, women’s events and in business training seminars. She’s a fun, passionate Bible teacher whose desire is to lead others to the life-giving water in the Word.

Sherry Stahl